Provenance is at the top of the menu

There’s something reassuring about knowing where your food has come from. It gives you an idea of quality, tells you how far it’s travelled and even how fresh it is. The team at Porterhouse know this and make sure that provenance is held in just as high regard as quality.

Walking into Porterhouse, you are met with a decor that is bright, airy and a move away from what you would expect from a traditional steakhouse.

We were then greeted by friendly staff, who showed us to a comfortable couch as we looked over the menus – and to enjoy the amuse bouches were served to whet our appetites.

Porterhouse has a full menu, a lunch menu and, perhaps surprisingly, a vegetarian menu. This was great, because it provided choices to those who don’t eat meat, or who avoid red meat.

For our starters, we chose the Porterhouse Cobb Salad and the asparagus with poached egg and Hollandaise sauce.

Just before it was served, we were moved over to one of the dining tables and given homemade bread rolls (still fresh and warm) and whipped butter.

It’s these touches that really do put Porterhouse at the top of the heap when it comes to eating out in the Shire. At no point did we have to look round and find a waiter to help us, one just appeared and seemed to know exactly what we needed.

The asparagus dish was fantastically cooked. Many restaurants find it difficult to poach an egg enough that it’s just runny inside but doesn’t seem undercooked, but Porterhouse managed it. There was plenty of Hollandaise sauce and the asparagus itself was perfect – a bit of bite but still soft.

The cobb salad was fresh and colourful and well-dressed and a great palate cleanser.

For the mains, we chose the tomahawk steak (and on the bone rib eye) with a Diane sauce and the mushroom risotto.

First things first, the steak. The best way to describe it is buttery. It was smooth and practically melted in the mouth. Yes, it comes served on a wooden chopping board as opposed to a plate, but honestly, try to find a plate that can hold it!

The accompanying chips were fat and fluffy and the cherry tomatoes, still on the vine, were bursting with flavour. The mushrooms were well-cooked and seasoned too.

The risotto was superb. It was packed full of mushrooms (no chance of five flimsy slices that looked like they had seen better days!) and it was topped with homemade parmesan crisps to give a bit of a texture change, and sundried tomato pesto, which offered a rich flavour that contrasted the earthy risotto.

The risotto even came with a side salad, which was lovely and fresh and tasty. For a side salad to have beetroot, it’s definitely more than basic.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage dessert after the feast that was the first two courses. Instead, we had coffees and some of the homemade fudge served with them.

Whether it’s meeting with clients, entertaining or having an office celebration, Porterhouse offers something a little bit extra without feeling like you are eating somewhere out of your comfort zone.